Step 1:

Install L bracket to top hole in both front and rear fender

Step 4:

Install fender stay R clips to front fork and insert fender brace into clip. You may need to cut the fender brace to get equal clearance of the fender over the tire. Install black protective caps on each end of the fender brace.

Step 2:

Install 5 mm eyelet bolts to lower holes in both front and rear fenders. Insert fender brace through each eyelet.

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Step 5

Install rear fender using a 30 mm nut and bolt through the L bracket to the seat stay bridge.  Install fender to chain stay bridge using a 30 mm bolt, or if the hole is threaded us the 15 mm allen bolt.

Step 6:

install rear fender brace using R clip to rear stays.Again you have to cut the braces. install plastic caps on the end of the braces 

Step 3:

Install front fender using 60 mm black allen bolt and nut through the l bracket to the fork.